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The Fixed Signs: like stability. Cardinal Signs like to Run things. Fixed Signs want to Own things. They want to be the boss and let the cardinal signs run things for them. Fixed Signs are stubborn, fixed in position. They frequently take longer to start, but they never seem to stop. Cardinal Signs want to move. Fixed Signs want everything else to move around them while they sit still. The Fixed Signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Please remember that everyone has every sign somewhere in their horoscope. The Fixed Signs show where in your life you will tend to stand fast under pressure.
Keywords are stubborn, materialistic, sensual. The most "fixed" of the fixed signs. People with several placements here (particularly Venus) incline to the more material, sensual side of life. It is opposite the sign.  
Keywords are secretive, obsessive, sexy. Scorpio loves to get secrets out of others, but just try to find out about THEIR private life! Forget it. Scorpio placements are good for any profession involving healing (death and rebirth) or investigating (detective, scientific investigations, etc.). The tendency to extremes affects other areas of the life as well. The negative side of Scorpio is jealously and vengeance. 
Keywords are flamboyant, showy, playful. This is the sign of show business. No matter what the profession, the typical Leo sun-sign people act as if they are on stage. There are shy Leo's of course, but in that case they usually have strong "Walter Mitty" fantasies. Leo's motto is "Nothing but the best". 
Keywords are strange, unusual, shocking, far-out, peculiar, socially-unacceptable, and all these only on a slow day! However, this is also the sign of genius. In the horoscope, it shows where we have the potential to transcend the ordinary. This is also the sign of friendship. Aquarius sun-sign folks are said to be closer to their friends than to their own families.