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Starlite Astrology is in affiliation with one of the New York Tri-State Area's best known Medium/Psychics! We are proud present her services to you!
You will not be disappointed!

Terry Marotta Spiritual Medium


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Terry Marotta is a Spiritual Psychic Medium.  She has been able to
communicate with spirits who have passed for the last 55 years.

Ms. Marotta has been featured in the Sunday NY Times as well as channels
4 and 7 after her father gave her a unique business idea that has
transformed the cemetery business.... 7 years AFTER his death !

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The maximum number of people I read at my home is a maximum of 7 people per day.

If you want me to travel to you for a group reading here are my options;

Individual Readings at your home: I would need 5-6 people to be read at a house of your choosing. I will need to have access to a private room with a small table and 2 chairs. 
  Group readings available as well

I travel to the Bronx, Westchester, Rockland and parts of Putnam counties.

Please contact Terry to book an appointment today!


Terry Marotta
Spiritual Medium

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Dinner with a Psychic: Are Ghosts and Spirits Real? Learn how to communicate with yours.
We are human, you and I alike, yet inside each of us lies unique energies that make us stand apart as individuals, a spark of life that ingites our souls, warms our hearts and helps propel us forward ...



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