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The Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017
At 28 degrees Leo here we go!

The planetary energies have been anything but a walk in the park the last seven years as Uranus has been busy in fiery Aries while squaring off the ultimate pluto. The eclipse is probably the most important eclipse the USA will have for a very long time.  With all of the masculine energy coming together at once I’d like to say hit the deck however wherever Leo the Lion is roaring in your chart is where you need to spread your wings and fly!
Now, I have been doing a lot of research on the NYSE chart and this eclipse for the simple reason President Trump and the NYSE chart both get direct slams from this eclipse.  What does that mean? Well let’s take a look at the data shall we?
The planets will be as follows the moment the eclipse hits
Sun 28 Degrees Leo squaring the NYSE Sun
Sun 28 Degrees Leo Conjuct the ASC of Trump
Moon 27 degrees Leo Squaring the NYSE Sun
Moon 27 Degrees LeoConjunct the ASC of Trump
Venus Squares the moon at 19 degrees aries in the nyse chart (9 house)
Mars at 20 degrees Leo squares the NYSE Sun (10 house)
Jupiter at 20 degrees libra  oppose the NYSE moon at 19 degrees aries
Pluto 17 degrees Capricorn squares the NYSE moon at 19 degrees aries
Saturn 21 degrees sag squares the nyse mars at 18 degrees virgo
The list goes on and on.  This tells me crisis.  The president was born under the star regulas, may he not go for revenge and may he seek a way out for this crisis without slamming his fist for he will not reap any rewards if he does.  The people will feel this eclipse as it kicks off the energy leading towards the Saturn in Capricorn.  Set yourself up now in preparation for these energies, if you don’t you will be standing holding your head between your knees.
We are on the edge of a new world as we prepare for Saturn to go into Capricorn and conjuct pluto in 2018 as well as saying good bye to Uranus in aries and prepare for it to make its debut in Taurus.  The banking system will change, the pension system will change, the currency will change, and the way we live WILL CHANGE.  Brace yourself change is not always bad remember you can head the warning and prevail rather than fall to the unthinkable.

This eclipse is going to kick off what we have been kicking down the road for a long time with this economy.  Leo is the lion it will roar and you should roar too wherever it may fall in your charge.  The north node is in Leo.  Be a little selfish, and command your life into great things.  Seize the energy of power and make the changes you know need to be done before it’s too late. Be smart and think outside of the box.