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The Water Signs:
Please remember that everyone has every sign somewhere in their horoscope. What follows is a description of Water Signs by themselves without considering the influence other signs have on the chart. In an individual horoscope, of course, all the factors blend to produce a unique final result. Water is emotion and “instinct”. Fire Signs seem to want to burn away all obstacles. Water Signs, by contrast, want to enfold EVERYTHING, be everywhere, cover as much as possible, and more. Water Signs (emotion) frequently clash with those who have an emphasis on air signs (intellect) because those with an excess of water are frequently unaware of the steps they are taking when thinking. It seems to the Water Sign people that they just “know” something to be true. When the air sign folks press them for the reason Why they said something, the Water Sign person has no answer. So each goes off thinking that the other one is stupid. In the horoscope, Water Signs show where we emphasize emotion, nurturing, and intuition. Without the Water Signs, we could never really Feel and life would not be worth living.
is Cardinal Water. In the Zodiac, it follows the air sign, Gemini.  Gemini is like a toddler whose attention can be easily distracted, flitting from thing to thing. Cancer is like a toddler who grabs on to something, won’t let go, and throws a tantrum when mommy or daddy tries to take it away. And the Cancer mood swings are legendary.
is Fixed Water.This is the sign of Extremes, all or nothing.  It follows the air sign Libra, sign of balance. To understand Scorpio, read the novels of Dostoyevsky, who was a Scorpio Sun-Sign, and examine the characters closely.
is Mutable Water.I think of Pisces as the most agreeable sign in the zodiac. People with a strong Pisces emphasis in their horoscopes seem to agree with almost anyone.  If, a few minutes later, they happen to talk to someone with the opposite opinion, they will agree with them too. Then, they go off and something completely different from both. Deep down inside, Pisces doesn't want to upset people. In fact, if you complain to a Pisces about trouble you are having with someone they don't even know, they will start making excuses for that other person. They feel compassion for someone they never met.