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Full Moon In Cancer 12/20-12/24

Tis’ the season to be MOODY, yes that is correct welcome to the full moon at Zero degrees Cancer. The moon will pack an extra punch as it is in its own sign of watery Cancer. Emotions will run high and storms will be worse with high tides and amplified action throughout the world. The key to mentally surviving this madness? BALANCE!
The particular energy that is running high right now stems from Mars in the sign of Pisces shaking up our sub-conscious while on the upside Uranus is creating the sex-tile screaming surprise surprise!

This moon is about values, emotions, family, dependents,  responsibilities and most of all BALANCE. Naturally where ever this full moon falls in your chart it will impact in that part of your life.  The balance between responsibility and dependency should be brought to the forefront. Most people will read this and say to themselves, well this doesn’t apply to me I am responsible. No,No you see maybe you are too responsible?  When is the last time you played a game with your kids? When is the last time you had a family dinner? When is the last time you called you parents? You see, I find it is harder for the responsible person to let loose as opposed to the non-responsible person learning how to step it up.

Where does the full moon fall in your chart?

1st house: Try not to snap on everyone, grab the tissues have a good cry move, find the balance, and move along. You can also develop a nasty cold at this time.

2nd house: This full moon will be about money. The surprise factor for money is also there as well. Who knows play a lotto, or buy a replacement fridge because yours just broke!

3rd house: Short trip, family gathering HOLD YOUR TONGUE. You will want to argue please don’t it will not favor you. Also watch what you put on social media it will come back to bite you in the you know what...

4th house: A lot of activity in your home, be-careful for water damage or wind damage or power outages, try to find the balance so you do not feel like you are going nuts. Its okay breathe this is not a Griswohl movie you will be fine!

5th house: Date night or Christmas delite lol? Well if you have children get ready they will be beyond a handful during this full moon. Get the wine you will be fine! Single and ready to mingle? Good time to meet someone and a good time to hit the casino if you want. Looks like there will be some fun lively parties and activities enjoy this!

6th house: Work Work Work Work Work routines are all over. Things may be a little out of sorts at work for these days. Maybe your meetings change or you take off or your position changes. Either way the moon is running high emotions through your job, just relax and breathe. Also if you own a pet make sure your animal is okay this transit can make them upset or sick as well.

7th house: If you are married you will find yourself having a talk with your significant other about things that have been looming. Put it out on the table and clear the deck for the new moon. You might hear from your doctor or lawyer if you are waiting for news.

8th House: I can’t stress enough WATCH YOUR CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS. Anytime the full moon hits your 8th house it effects your second house of money. The 8th house rules debt credit banks and your boss. Make sure your paycheck is correct, your accounts haven’t been hacked, or hey maybe you will get  a nice bonus! 8th house also ruling sex go for it, it will be amazing with this transit!

9th House: I love this house because it represents the higher self. You might be thirsty to learn more about things you never thought of in the past after this moon. Also you might feel compelled to do more family get together moving forward with your siblings cousins etc. Also if your taking a vacation something may effect it with snow or water.

10th House: Well if work doesn’t suck enough just add this full moon to it and get ready for blast off. Full moon in the house of the career best advice I can give you is law low, yes your boss is being an asshole, your co-workers are aggravating the hell out of you, the account may have been lost, this too shall pass...Find the balance of letting it go or stepping it up.

11th House: POLITICS, and friends, hopes and wishes. Well all the above falls into this house. If you are a politician with this get ready it will enhance whatever has been looming. For the average person this is about connecting and not connecting. Find the balance with your peers and find the balance of what you want that it realistic but enjoyable.

12th House: Depending on what is going on in your chart a few things can happen when the full moon is in the 12th house. With this being such an emotional sign I would have to say purge. This will be a time for you to get it off your chest, the things that have been bothering you let them come to the forefront. You may end up visiting or being admitted to the hospital or doctors. 12th house remember also rules hospitals, vets, and jails.

If you would like to hear how the full moon will effect you, you can fill out a submission form at

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