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Full Moon

Full Moon In Cancer 12/20-12/24

Tis’ the season to be MOODY, yes that is correct welcome to the full moon at Zero degrees Cancer. The moon will pack an extra punch as it is in its own sign of watery Cancer. Emotions will run high and storms will be worse with high tides and amplified action throughout the world. The key to mentally surviving this madness? BALANCE!
The particular energy that is running high right now stems from Mars in the sign of Pisces shaking up our sub-conscious while on the upside Uranus is creating the sex-tile screaming surprise surprise!

Full Moon in Taurus and why this is so important!

So lets talk about the full moon in the sign of Taurus next week! 

This energy starts on Monday November 4th peaks on the 6th and finishes on the 8th. What does this mean?? Well, Taurus is the sign of the zodiac that rules finances, money money money people!! As if the world needs more financial problems, right? I am paying close attention to this full moon for a couple of reasons. 
First off lets start with the birth chart of the NYSE Market. The sun of the chart is at 27 degrees taurus in conjunction to mercury at 23 degrees Taurus.