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Hey Everyone!
 Thanks for visiting the website! If you are interested in having your Astrological Birth Chart done, call us now!
More and more people are becoming aware of the universal and planetary effects in our lives and are looking for astrological guidance. Due to the overwhelming amount of emails and orders, please be patient as I make sure all readings are personal and not rushed.  I don't limit anyone to a certain amount of questions unless it involves more than one chart. Example compatibility chart readings will not be done at the same time as individual readings.  I will tell you what I see in your chart but please remember I am not a psychic I am reading your planetary and sign make up.
The purpose of the reading is to enlighten you in what your quest is that you decided to take on when you chose to come here into this life.  Our hands are dealt to us the minute we are born but please remember, the outcome of how we prosper from this crazy thing called life, is up to us. A wise man once told me your will trip over your shoelace until you learn to tie it correctly.
All the best,

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